Thursday, 13 January 2011

believe it or not I'm tweeting!

*Tweet tweet*

As part of my getting out in the crafting & etsy world I'm now tweeting
-who would have thought?!
Picking a tweet name was tricky.

Mundane and Beauteous was too long.

So was MundaneBeauteous.

I could do MundaneBeauteou -but that's just silly!

So as I'm tweeting to let people know about me and my Etsy shop I ended up with:


I was worried at first that it sounded a little bit pretentious -I'm by no means the Linda on Etsy -but I am Linda and I am on Etsy... 

I'd be delighted if you came and followed me at LindaOnEtsy

And then I can follow your tweets too!

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