Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sometinhg in the house that inspired me today!

So Aline didn't sleep last night... two teeth are coming through. 
This morning calls for coffee and appreciation of something in the house to keep me from loosing my mind.

First coffee:

For Christmas I got a set of Orla Kiely Mugs -they make me happy. Thanks to Stefan, the Amlie/Fisher siblings and the Boothroyds for providing me with simple joy in the morning.

Now appreciation:

This lovely book of patterns for danish children's clothes from 1977 is delightfully retro and inspiring!
Thanks to my mother-in-law from Stord this came through the door on my birthday last week -it was very exiting! Together with the generous stash of fabrics my other mother-in-law (yes I have two *wink* both very lovely!) gave me for Christmas I have hours of in-house-fun ahead of me!

This is what I'm going to make first:

And I must not forget to show you the fabric I found last Thursday at the market -vintage Liberty Tana Lawn - that's going to be retro on retro. 

Aline -pls don't hate me for taking you back to the 70's...

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  1. Loving those vintage Liberty fabrics! And I have a feeling Aline will know good taste when she sees it!