Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A very productive week-end!

We are now already steadily approaching midweek, but I had such an amazing week-end that it is still buzzing in my heart.

Friday was spent at home with my man, my embroidery and the final chapters of Robin Hobb's Tawny Man Trilogy.Pathetic as it might be I'll miss the characters in the book that have been part of our life the last 6 months... While listening to Stf read I finished embroidering/embellishing 4 of the patches for Aline's play-mat.(Pictures coming shortly!)I tried placing all the patches I cut out on the floor, and realized I was overenthusiastic as to how many fabrics I wanted to incorporate and the number of patches needed. What looked sensible and not to big in the sketch I made nearly covered our living room floor! So now it will probably end up being two quilts instead. 

On Saturday, after sorting through the cupboard in the kitchen, I was benched behind the sewing machine. 
I made a protective pouch for my new camera so I can take it out and about with me. I took step-by step photos so look out for the tutorial and pattern which I will post as soon as I have time! It's easily adjustable to make a protective sleeve for your phone/laptop and so on. 

I also had time to make two kimonos/wrap tops for little Aline with some material, trimmings and an old Kashmir cardigan from the Thursday market. I did it by making my own pattern(size 6-12 months)! It was actually much easier than I thought it would be! I'll definitely be making more of these. If you are interested let me know and I might see if I can get around to posting the pattern and a tutorial.

Sunday would have been a very gloomy and gray day had it not been that my lovely friend Mary and I went to a jewelery course on PMC. That is Precious metal clay - we made silver pendants, charms (all the little charms I want to use for my bird pendants that I made last summer)and earrings. It was SO much fun. Time went by so quickly, I didn't get to finish my things of completely, I need to go back to shine them up.

I hope you had a nice week-end too! And very soon the next one will be upon us!

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