Thursday, 20 January 2011

Baby food

Weaning is well under way here - 
Our little poppet is enjoying her food, especially egg, mushy peas, fish and oranges.
It's so handy to have food at the ready so I've been making various simple purees (i.e. peas and spinach, Carrots and pumpkin, apple and prunes) that I have frozen in ice-cube bags so you can mix and match flavors on the go. 

Aline loves joining in, holding a wooden spoon and taking in the action.

One big challenge however -how get the puree into the ice cube bags... 
Yes, If I have an enormous freezer I could use ice cube trays -which would be easier -
but I don't.

First I tried spooning it in - messy, not worth any further mention.

Then I tried a funnel, but the puree was too thick and it kept on leaking out of the top of the bag.

Then I had an idea -and I'm sure someone has had this idea before me and that there probably is a contraption out there that does exactly this, but I thought I'd share it anyway...

I used my big icing syringe! 

Instead of attaching a nozzle I attached the ice-cube bag and just squirted the puree into it.  
Use a rolling pin to gently push the puree to the bottom of the bag and be careful not to use too much force or the bag might burst! 
Then just stack up and pop in the freezer and defrost a cube or five as needed!

And yes this is an "unedited" post with appalling photos- our really life mess! Embrace it.

May you live until you die,


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  1. Awesome! I have made some of our own baby food too, it doesn't take huge amounts of effort and is way cheaper and better than store bought!