Saturday, 15 January 2011

Spring will come

After Christmas a little part of be starts thinking winter is over 
-and every year I discover we are only half way through...

Spring is still awhile off -but it will come!
No matter how dark, wet, gray and drizzly today is.
There will be days like this again:

What are your top tips for enduring the last stretch of winter?


  1. Embrace it! That's the only way I don't go crazy. Lots of movies, warm things to drink, ad keeping my hands busy with something creative! I'm most productive in winter for a reason....there's nothing else to do! ;) miss you!

  2. I'm now going to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and read the Real Simple mag that arrived in the post today from a special someone *wink* - that should take me through a winter day or two...
    Thanks Sam and Pete!