Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Battered and bruised

This is one of Stefan's treasures - battered, bruised, dented... it has lost its handle and shine and the lid doesn't fit anymore. He found it in an old tattered cardboard box hidden out of sight at an antique market in Oslo several years ago. He took pity on it knowing that no one else would ever buy it, gave the man at the stall 50p and came running over to me to show me his amazing find. I must admit that I could not see the amazingness...I was quietly thinking 'this is why I love you, but I will quietly hide that "treasure" away and out of sight when we come home'. But Stefan loved it, and it wasn't forgotten despite my efforts of packing it away in storage when we where moving from Norway to Oxford. Stefan found it and took it with us. Here in Oxford its been moved (by me) out of sight, found (by Stefan) and placed on the table or in the window sill. Last week Stefan found it (again), lifting it down from the very top of the bookshelf, where it had been carefully hiding behind a speaker, and placed it on our coffee table. So there it was back in my life...

It caught my eye when setting up the blog yesterday, it struck me that Stefan had seen this little mundane, worn, battered and bruised pot NOT for its potential - how it could be renewed, brought back to life, polished up or give some story or charm to an orchestrated display like I tend to do, rather he saw it as it is, and found it beautiful.

I need that.
Making room for the broken and battered, not because it gives more depth or authenticity or any other instrumental value, but because it simply is a part of life. It should not be hidden away, but valued and cared for, even though the thing that is broken or bruised might never transform. In doing so I pray that my eyes will be transformed so that I can recognize the mundane as beautiful and see Him in all things.

May God expand our horizon to include the things, people and events that we write off at first glance or hide away out of sight.

And please do share your thoughts on this! I'd love to hear your stories. What is the quiet whisper in your day so far?


  1. wow. I love the unexpected twist in the story!

  2. Very good thought, Linda. Encourages me to see my house (and a few people in my day) differently. Love you!