Thursday, 18 February 2010

The fruit of my labor

Here is as promised some photos of things I have made so far in January and February. As you can see I have had lots of fun making things for Aline. It will now all be waiting for her in a basket along with some beautifully knitted blankets her Grandma (Stefan's mom) has made. It must also be said while all this has been stitched together(mainly by hand), my dear husband has been reading out loud for us from Robin Hobbs books (which are highly recommended by the way!). I've not posted pictures together before, but you should be able to get a bigger version by clicking on the photo. When the weather is nicer I want to find a branch to make a mobile with the birds I made. For now they are perching in my little tree.

And Yes I have been working on my PhD too! I've written nearly 20000 words so far since Christmas! I've been a very busy bee! Here is a photo to prove it:

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  1. LOVE THE BIRDIES!!!! And the booties, and the elephants. Pretty much love everything. SO exciting! I can't wait until you are posting pics of that precious little one. Lots of love to you!!! :)