Thursday, 1 April 2010

My Busy March

March has gone by so very very quickly due to all the lovely things I have done and the lovely visitors we have had! Here is are a some tasters of what I've been up to.
A trip to Liberty and Anthropologie in London with beautiful Mary and Di, drooling over pretty things we can't afford, but that were greatly inspiring! 

Most of the things were left on the shelves, but I did take home some cute buttons and a patchwork bundle, which I've already made into  bumper for the cot and a little cardigan for Aline. I've been making lot of different things for her this month. As soon as I get round to taking pictures of them they will be posted.


I've finished Aline's play mat too. Here is a picture of what it looked like before sewn together. (I'm a bit nervous about washing it as I didn't pre-wash the fabrics... I'm too lazy for my own good)

And here is a picture of it after the wash... it shrunk a little and now has a nice wrinkled effect. Completely intentional of course!

Another highlight of this month,well, actually every week is the Thursday market. 

Here are some of my finds in March:

 And a lovely vintage Christening dress for £4! Too good to miss

Finally, a picture of the door at the Bodelain library as I have been rather good and written on my PhD thesis as well this month, though I am realizing that I might be deluding myself when saying I aim to finish the draft for my Second chapter before Aline arrives... 

She says "hi" by the way



  1. For en fantastisk nydelig dåpskjole!!! Og til 4£...det er jo et kupp!! :-) Krabbeteppet til Aline ble kjempe søtt! Gleder meg til å se alle de andre tingene du har lagt!

  2. Such beautiful photos!!!!
    That play mat is gorgeous. WOW. Well done!!