Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Garden

Stefan plants and tends it, the Lord makes it grow, I relax in it
Here are some photos from our lovely garden. We remade it last year from this:

Last year we plated all the plants, but didn't get to see any flowers:

This year we are starting to see the fruit - or I should say flowers - of our labour. Well, that is it is mostly Stefan's hands that get dirty, while I get to choose what goes in where.

This week I've got to enjoy breakfast in our new patio corner the garden several days in a row. There is no better way than to start the day with a cup of tea in the sun. 

And in the week-end the weather was so lovely that the barbecue/firepit came out of hiding and we had a lovely evening outside. Hopefully there will be many of these evenings to come this summer! 



  1. God stemning... Tenk du+meg+god kopp te i den nydelige hagen deres... åhh!

  2. Ja det hadde vært noe! Vi kunne sittet på bordet der ut å laget ting, så kan Stefan komme med nybakt brød til lunch :)

  3. I wan to move in to the garden for the summer!!!