Monday, 3 May 2010

Getting ready

The time for Aline's arrival is quickly approaching and we are trying to get as much as possible done both in the house and on our PhD's before she comes and demands our full attention. Unfortunately posting things on my blog is therefor not on the top of my list, but hopefully I will soon find the time to post photos of the things I've made in April and the changes we have had done in our home. But until then here are some photo's that our lovely friends Ard and Mary took of us at Magdalen College so that we could have something to remember Aline's pregnancy. Thank you so much!

And Mary hosted a lovely baby shower for Aline and me. Thanks again Mary! And also thank you too all the lovely ladies that came and made the day so special for us - and the presents you so generously gave! Here are some pictures for those of you who were sorely missed!

Full concentration making cupcake decorations!

Mary's yummy cupcakes!

Baby food tasting! Jill was the champion!

And a big big thank you again to Mary - the most wonderful friend and hostess! Here she is in action! Love the shoes!


  1. Beautiful!!!! I love the pictures, and the baby shower looks amazing! :-)

    Lots of hugs, Ingvild

  2. It was so fun to celebrate you!!! Love you!!