Monday, 24 May 2010

The room where everything is possible

We have a lovely little home, on a lovely little road, with a lovely little garden at the back. In order to fit our lovely little life into our lovely little home, specially now that we are expecting lovely little Aline we've had to think hard. The first change was move our bed out of the big bedroom and into the little one. (I'll do a post on our new bedroom later this week.) We have now managed to fit our life and hobbies into the bigger of the bedrooms- as well as Aline's changing stations and clothes - and when she starts sleeping in her own room her bed will be in here too. This is what it now looks like, starting with the study corner/ Stefan's home studio.
The bookcase has all our most important books and articles for our studies, you can glimpse Stefan's speakers on top of the bookcase, and his guitar next to the desk. His other instruments live in the wardrobe just next to the desk along with all our other office stuff.

This is Aline's cornerWe're using my grandma's old dresser as Aline's changing stationHer clothes are waiting for her in the draws and her cloth diapers are easily accessible in the baskets on the shelf. When she's old enough her bed will go in the corner where the table and chair are currently standing. I'm suspecting that this space will quickly accumulate more stuff when Aline actually arrives. The walls are still pretty bare, I have some ideas - such as photos of friends and family or silhouettes of  animals...but I can't quite decide... (For family and friends reading this - this is a hint - e-mail me some nice photo's of yourselves and I'll have something to put on the wall and Aline will get to know your faces!)
 And here is a close up of the changing mat I made as it turned out to be more of an effort than I first anticipated as I had to make it fit the little shelf. 

And now on to my favorite! A wardrobe that takes me to my own little Narnia. From the outside it looks like any other wardrobe:

But when you open the doors, there is a whole new world with hours of creative fun beckoning! And the best thing is that when I'm done for the day I can just shut the doors, and Stefan doesn't have to be bothered with my stuff on every table!

As you can see the surface the sewing machine is on pulls out so that I can comfortably sit and do my sewing and other crafty stuff. Underneath the pullout shelf I have room for all my large sketch-books, nice paper and other oversized items that up until now have been floating around in random places.

All my fabric and buttons are organized by color inviting me to hours of fun!The buttons, by the way, live in old jam jars that are hanging by their lid from the under the shelf.

I also have my own mood-board for inspiring things I come across.
So as you can see this is truly the room where everything has been squeezed in and where everything is possible!


  1. love, love, love this! love the hanging button jars, the fabric scraps organized by color, and especially the scissors on the door! i want one!!!! :)
    Glad you got the quilt, so happy you like it. I hope Aline gets lots of snuggles out of it. Missing you tons. Any chance you wanna relocate that craft wardrobe to Ohio??? along with the 3 of you of course! ;)

  2. Linda,

    How wonderful this has turned out! It makes me want to sew- and I don't even know how!! ;-)


  3. I think Kamil deserves a shout-out here! ;)

  4. He does! Without him it would still just be my scribbles, measurements and ideas on paper! He made them real.