Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Family tradition

Every year the cherry tree at my parents house is loaded with cherries. They are rather sour and therefore an acquired taste if eaten straight from the tree. For several years now my mother has made a delicious cherry liquor with them - which in turn has become the cornerstone of our family's traditional Christmas pudding. As we are going to have Christmas at home for the first time this year, it is our turn to keep the traditions going. And of course give me a taste of the big family Christmas which I'll miss terribly.

So on the last day of our holiday in Oslo my nephew and I picked cherries that I could take home to Oxford with me so that I could have a go at making my own cherry liquor. 

Back home in my kitchen I layered cherries and sugar in a big (sterilized) jar and topped up with Gin as I had been instructed by mum. And I've been turning the jar a few times a day for the past week until the sugar has dissolved. So far very easy. And now for the hard bit - letting it marinade in the cupboard until Christmas...    

So if your in Oxford for Christmas pop by for a try!

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