Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sometinhg in the house that inspired me today!

Now that I am back at home and settling into a rhythm with Aline, I am inevitably spending more time at home. But I don't want to degenerate into nothingness - or more likely end up watching soaps on Iplayer all day - so I have a given myself a little task. 
- Which is to notice and appreciate one thing or situation that inspires me. I want it first and foremost to be something in the house as a way of being conscious of that being at home with Aline is not a matter of putting my life on hold or being trapped at home and that there is beauty in the everyday moments of life.

So this is my first contribution:

A belt that I bought this summer, a card I bought yesterday, a flee-market find from a few years ago and a flower from our garden. 

Good to be back! 

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  1. Hello, How lovely to find a fellow blogger at Aldates. Congratulations, Aline, on allowing your mum to write!