Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sometinhg in the house that inspired me today!

Our bookcase! 

I've inherited it from my Grandparents who used to live in a village outside Oxford. When my Grandma had to move after my Grandpa passed away it was given to me. The bookcase use to sit in their breakfast room and was filled with old books and china. I used to imagine it in my kitchen filled with china, beautiful glasses, tablecloths and baskets with nice craft supplies. Currently our kitchen is to small so it lives in our living room filled with our books. 

Stefan and I like books, this is only a tiny fraction of them... we like reading out loud too so lots of these books hold fond memories of nights curled up on the sofa with Stefan reading to me and me sewing or knitting. 

There is one book in particular I want to share with you today - it's a rather new addition to our bookcase and already very much loved. It's called "Tales from outer suburbia" by Shaun Tan. I have completely fallen in love with his stories and illustrations.

I especially like his story called Eric (my brother is called Erik, and thinking of him makes me happy too). Eric is an exchange student who sees our boring things around the house in a new light. Right up my ally. You really should look him up! 

One final thing - do feel free to leave me a comment or a reaction, it's nice to know if someone's  out there! It would totally make my day!


  1. i love your blog :) i check every day for new things - i like knowing what's happening with you! you make everything you do daily look 'beautiful' with your pictures and descriptions.
    love it xx

  2. Ah! I'm sorry I haven't commented. I love reading your blog. You pop up in my google reader every time you post, and you're always at the top. It's very exciting. I also LOVE that bookcase. Fond memories of sitting in your cozy living room over dinner or coffee staring at that bookcase.

    We MISS you guys terribly! More pictures of Aline please. I hope she is doing well. Ohio is slowly moving into fall, which is a welcome change. The summer was very hot and humid, and we were starting to get cabin the summer! I'll try to send an more thorough email soon. In the meantime, visit our blog. I've been updating slightly more often. Love to all 3 of you!

  3. Thanks guys! This was the best part of my day! Angeline: we've got to grab a coffee soon.
    Sam and Pete: Oxford is totally not the same without you guys! Now there is nobody to do long movie days and eat pizza with ranch-dressing on. And more pictures of Aline will be coming on FB.

  4. Nydelig bokhylle! :-) Den er virkelig et klenodium!

    Jeg følger med på bloggen din vet du! Det er gøy å følge litt med på livet ditt/deres på den måten, selv om det bare blir små innblikk. Var kjempe koselig å treffe dere (kort) i sommer. Håper det ikke blir like lenge til neste gang!

    Hils dine kjære!

    Klem, Ingvild