Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sometinhg in the house that inspired me today!

Waking up to Stefan's bread (this time an Oatmeal loaf) is the best way to start the day. 
How could I not be inspired!
As for the knitting I've done a purl and stitch course at Darn it and stitch so now I'm purling and stitching away trying out lots of different textures, who knew that you can do so much with only to kinds of stitching! Get out your knitting needles too! 
In a week all be learning how to cable knit. whoo-hoo!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. said "bread" :-)

  2. I've been wanting to learn how to knit for years now! Looks like I need to find a local shop that teaches beginners!
    Does Stefan want to come to Ohio to bake bread? You and Aline can come too!