Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Status quo

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I'm a mother, I'm a wife
I'm a PhD student trying to lead a balanced life...
I'm a lady with a blog 
trying to navigate through the fog...

-cheesy- yes I know.Poetry is not my strength *wink*
But this kind of sums up my life at the moment. 

Being a mum brings out the worst and the best of me -never have I been so aware of the need for God's grace and never have I felt the laying down of self for someone else in this way. Truly I am a sinner and a saint. The two people that show me myself (and Christ) on a daily basis are:

Aline, who is now 4 months and she is the joy of our life. Without even knowing she might be the one who has taught me the most about myself and God, maybe ever.

Stefan is my man, I would not trade him for anything (-not even a life supply of vintage fabric in blues and greens and purples). The list of his attributes are to long to mention. However rumors have it that he might be starting his own blog to share his wisdom with the world so you might get to know him yourself in not too long.

My PhD buddy at the moment is Aquinas. He is long dead, but still baffles me in how relevant (and elegant) his thinking is - I just wish I had more time to read and write my PhD.

I really enjoy writing my little blog and it's been a great help to me in getting me making stuff, enjoying the little things, getting my thoughts straight and keeping me sane in through the fog and rain. (Thanks to all you you who have the patience to read my meanderings, encourage my making and for all the lovely comments you leave. You have no idea how many times you have made my day!)  

As a new mum people ask me what the change is like and how I'm finding it 
- truth be told I find as a new mum I haven't really had time to think about it...
 But it is catching up with me now - so up until Christmas I want to try and articulate in different posts what motherhood has done to me. 

So please bare with me in my ramblings - and my prayer is that you might find some inspiration and encouragement -maybe even a drop of wisdom in them too.


  1. Yay! I'm excited for upcoming musings and ramblings. Also, let Stefan know that we are both anticipating his possible blog. As I type this, I am watching the news, and they have just announced a "tornado warning" for our area. Exciting! Hope we don't blow away to Oz!

  2. Sweet + sincere post. I like.