Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Creative week!

Last week was so much fun! I had two lovely creative days - one with my friend Michelle and one with my friend Sharon and her lovely girl Anais.Michelle made a cute hairpiece, Sharon made a bow tie (no pic yet...)and I made bibs for Aline out of 70's Laura Ashley fabric given to me by Stefan's mum. Hopefully there will be many such days to come - sadly they will be without Michelle as she is leaving Oxford in a weeks time...

 The bibs are double sided for more options and have a thin layer of bamboo in the middle to soak up all that dribble.   


  1. That hair piece is so very cute! But that baby is cuter!!! Love the bib, can't wait for more Aline pics! Wish I could be there to share some crafty days with you!

  2. I'm so honored that I made it on the blog! That was a fun day :) Miss you Linda!