Wednesday, 22 September 2010

kcwc: day one

After a week-end that did not go according to plan as Aline had a fever, Monday was a day of catching up.  Aquinas had to be read, christening invitations were to be made, a little exercise had to be done and some tidying could not be avoided AND of course there was an hour of sewing to do too! 

Most surprisingly of all in some miraculous way I managed to get it all done - and have fun!

For day one of kcwc I lifted down my box of clothes that are up-cycle material - found a lovely dark purple (the photos don't do the colour justice) cashmere jumper, given to me by Charlie-at-the-market.

This I turned into a super easy pouchy trousers for Aline. When I put in the effort to sew clothes for her I want them to be versatile in size so that she can use them for a long time so these should fit her from now until she is 18 months. Now as baggy trousers with the 'neck' up under her arms, next year they'll fit more like Harem trousers.

Here are the results:

I even had time to make myself some wrist warmers with some of the left over scraps!

(- I know my hand looks kind off limp here...)

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have been able to post this as a tutorial so you can make some of these too!

ps. I still have the arms of the jumper left -should I make another pair of trousers or a little hat?

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