Wednesday, 8 December 2010

One of those days...

Some days you just want to stay in bed and not talk to anyone. 
On those days things tend to go wrong or I do something silly. 
Such a day was last week.
I now have a cut or a burn on every single finger on both hands. 
Quite an achievement actually.

So in this blur I have managed to get myself and Aline dressed and onto the bus in to town to meet Stefan for lunch. 

With Aline being the smiling little person she is - my days of anonymity on the bus are over. It is a lot easier to hid behind a philosophy book than a curious baby. 

So an older lady comes and sits down next to me and asks me how old my little boy is. I take a quick glance at Aline and see that I have dressed her in blue and green -which happen to be my favorite colors - as I'm not in the mood for a long talk I say "she's nearly six months " and look out the window to ward off further questioning. 

Aline on the other hand is trying to grab hold of the lady's scarf. Who then asks me if  he is my first child. So she didn't catch my "she" - still not feeling anymore talkative I don't correct her mistake and just say "yes".

Every question and comment during the following 15 min of reluctant small talk is making it harder for me to rectify the gender of my sweet baby without looking like a complete fool. The lady announces that she is getting off at the next stop and I am relived that I will soon be able to retreat back into silence. 
The out of the blue she asks me "what is his name?"

-what would you have done? 

I had a slight moment of panic and then I heard myself answer:


To which she replied "what a lovely name for such an adorable boy."

-Aline I'm so sorry.

I've never seen your dad laugh so hard as when I confessed to him my web of lies.

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! Little Daniel sure is lovely, though. Especially for a boy. Those eyes are killin' me! Lots of love and squeezes from Ohio!