Friday, 31 December 2010

Our first Christmas

I hope you've had a nice Christmas with peace and rest.

We've had our first Christmas at home -and even though family was missed- we have really enjoyed the peace and quiet of not having to travel around.

Here are some photos of our last week of preparation and our celebrations:

 Results of our advent "Juleverksted" -lovely gingerbread houses and cookies.
Best tip ever -roll out the dough between two sheets of baking paper (no extra flour needed) the day before and you are ready to get cookie-cutting when guests arrive + no fiddly transfer to a baking tray for baking! 

 Stefan making his Grandma's "lefser" - a true taste of Christmas.

Going out on a Christmas tree hunt -coming home with a Holly branch to decorate. 
While we were away Mary and Joseph arrived at the stable.

Some down time before the feasting watching a crackling fire  (on the Mac) - I even managed to finish Aline's Owl jumper in time for Christmas.

Our Christmas Feast -Slow roast Pork belly "RIbbe" with Meatballs "medisterkaker", sausages, potatoes and fried apples - Sherrypudding and creamed ricepudding and finally 7 types of Christmas treats. 
True bliss.

What did you do for your holidays?
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